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Corey London

Corey London


Hi I’m Corey! I’m a husband, father, a blogger, and Internet Marketer. I’m also a Sales Manager in the Auto Industry. I mentioned being in the car business because for one it’s a great occupation and I enjoy every minute of it but, prior to that, I was in law enforcement for 14 years in my home city of New Orleans until in 2005.Due to Hurricane Katrina, I lost that wonderful job, my home, my car and everything I had accumulated up to that point in my life.

That was a time where I felt so vulnerable and defeated as a man. I didn’t know how I was going to take care of my wife whom I just married 3 months ago…

Corey the MSI Guy and wife Leslie

and most importantly the baby (my daughter) that we were expecting in the next 4 months.

Corey London The MSI GUY and daughter Tayla London
Me and my daughter Tayla

I decided to stay in Columbus Ohio (where I currently reside) and begin to rebuild my life and that that’s where I was introduced to the car business. As great as the car business has treated me, I refused to depend on a single stream of income to take care of my family ever again.

and that brings me to this point…

I created this blog site to help others find multiple ways to earn money online from home or anywhere. I am big on entrepreneurship and I have a passion in providing information and tools needed to help others start their own business. 

Thanks again for visiting my blog and I will strive to provide the absolute best opportunities available to make you money!


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