What Business Should I Start In 2018

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Start A Concierge VIP Business
Start A Concierge VIP Business


What Business Should I Start In 2018?

A couple of days ago I was chatting with a friend of mine and just like many middle age folk we were thinking about what kind of business we would start if we could turn back the hands of time and do it all over again. My friend said he would get into the car business by buying cars for cheap, fix them up and flip them for a profit.


I thought that would be a great business to start but I told him I think I would have love to start a Vanity VIP Concierge Service based business.


You probably never heard of a Vanity Concierge and that’s because it just a thought in my mind that I’ve never pursued.

That’s because I only thought of it at that moment.


The idea came to me while I was planning a surprise party for my wife who was graduating from Nursing school with her R.N. degree.


If you ever planned a big party (especially a surprise party), all while working a full-time job, running a business on the side, and trying your best to hide all the planning, phone calls, email sending and vendor meetings from that special person (especially if you live together) you may know that can be a bit difficult to say the least.



As I was trying to figure out all of the logistics I became so overwhelmed with trying to figure out and not FORGET the details.

I wanted to make that one of the BEST days ever for my wife..


After trying to do EVERYTHING myself, I had to break down and elicit the help of some of my wife’s closet friends and family members to help me put it all together.


I didn’t want to forget NOTHING.


And as I was securing services and buttoning up the details I kept thinking of more ways to make it better and better.


I decided to fly-in 2 of her best childhood friends from our hometown and put them up in a premier downtown hotel (where they can enjoy the downtown night life).


I also hired a friend of mine that side hustles as a private security guard to pick them up from the airport and drive her friends around while they were in town. I rented a highline SUV, made sure he dressed up in full security gear, and paid him to take them where ever they needed or wanted to go while they were in town. I gave them his cell phone number and he was at their beck and call whenever they needed him and THEY LOVED IT!


During that process, that’s when the idea came to me to consider starting a business like VIP Concierge Services.


I truly believe that it could be a very viable business if it’s ever pursued but to be perfectly honest, I’m too enthralled with my current businesses to add it to my entrepreneurial plate.


But, maybe someone else can pick up the torch and make this a reality if it resonates with them if they stumble upon this post.


How would a business like this look like you ask…


It’s a business where you would be hired to arrange, host, and oversee premium intimate and group occasions such as:

* Anniversaries..

*Spouses.Friends and Family birthday celebrations..

*Dates or Just Because

*And many other special moments.


When most people think of concierge services they tend to think of existing services that provides simple task assignments such as:

  • Pet-sitting
  • Light housekeeping
  • Waiting in line at the DMV
  • Car repairs, oil change, car wash
  • Event planning
  • Gift-buying
  • Plant care
  • Picking up dry cleaning
  • Running miscellaneous errands
  • Relocation services
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Mail pickup
  • Meal pickup; some chef services
  • Dinner reservations
  • Interior decorating
  • Landscaping
  • Maid service
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Concert/movie reservations, etc.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Locating hard-to-find items and collectibles


But, what I had in mind is to target clientele that wants to arrange a spectacular special occasion for that someone special that they would NEVER forget…


Just like what I did for my wife but only BETTER!


Basically, you would arrange “Premium Vanity Services” to ordinary people and make them feel like Hollywood celebrities…


Your V.I.P. Concierge company can provide a “Red Carpet Experience” on a “Welcome Mat Budget”.


Yes, there are many concierge services that cater to the Rich and Famous but, what if there were in unique service for those who are as I like to say ,  “Balling on a budget”?


This type of business would primarily be a vanity lifestyle Niche type business. Let me give you an example of what type of event you could do to make money with it.


It can be as simple as what I did like a surprise party for a wife or husband or let’s say a client of yours name John wants to do something special for his wife for this year’s wedding anniversary.


He wants to get her a traditional gift of course, but, he also wants to do something non-traditional as well to make it that much more memorable this year.


So, that’s where YOU come in…


John can contact you and request a meeting where you can provide suggestions and recommend different package options for unique options that are contrary to the normal running the mill wedding anniversary dinner.


You suggest to John that one of the packages you offer can make her day absolutely spectacular by hosting a day where your service can:

  • Arrange a surprise car service to pick her up from their home to escort her to a spa/salon appointment that your service arranged.
Start A Concierge VIP Business
Start A Concierge VIP Business
  • Pick her up from that spa treatment and drive her to reserved pre-determined destination where a small catered picnic has been prepared. Of course, John will be there to surprise her.
Start A Concierge VIP Business
Start A Concierge VIP Business
  • Transport John and his wife to a romantic establishment where reserved seating and their favorite cocktails are already on chill waiting for them when they arrive.
Start A Concierge VIP Business
Start A Concierge VIP Business
  • Take John and his wife back home to get ready for the dinner reservations or wherever they want to go if they want to keep the day rolling…
Start A Concierge VIP Business
Start A Concierge VIP Business


I think you get the picture…


[Your service can establish relationships with local businesses that go above & beyond for your clients because you bring them so much business from customers that previously never patronized their establishment.]


Remember, I haven’t done anything with this idea..


So, this is my gift to anyone reading this blog post…


Take this idea and RUN WITH IT!


If you think this is something YOU would like to look into to see if it’s a good fit with your entrepreneur endeavors, feel free to steal this idea. Just remember me when you turn it into a multimillion dollar franchise!


Below, you will find a few tips to consider if you ever think about starting a Concierge business like this one or if you want to just start a simple traditional concierge service.




When starting any business, there are a lot of important things to consider such as:


  • Which if any business entity will I need to consider (i.e. LLC, S-Corp, etc )
  • Do I need a special license to operate?
  • Do I need to carry liability and/ or Indemnity insurance?


These are questions you will need to ask your tax accountant, attorney and or your local Small Business Association




The best way to get your concierge business off the ground is by employing the BEST marketing tactic known to man since the beginning of time and that’s “WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING”!


Start talking to the people that you are close with (i.e. friends, family, associates, co-workers, etc.).


Tell them you’ve decided to start your own business and you would appreciate their support.


When they ask you what kind of business are you starting, have a memorized elevator pitch already memorized..


Say something like “My company is called “VIP Concierge Services where we provide Red Carpet Moments on a Welcome Mat budget”. That statement is sure to invoke a follow up question (and maybe a chuckle) like Well, that sounds awesome but exactly do you do”?


And at that point, that will allow you to expand on the details of the services you decide you are going to provide to your clients.




With a small marketing budge (as little as $5 a day) you can use social media platforms like Facebook to target potential clients by running simple video ads describing your new business venture. You can have a inexpensive video created by video creation free-lancers on sites such as Fiverr.com. You can get a video to use for your marketing for as little as $5.


Here is the link to Fiver.com to explore some options…


You can create a FREE Facebook business page, name it YOUR COMPANY NAME and run your Facebook ads in as little as 15 minutes. If you are not sure or never ran ads on Facebook there are many resources to help you along the way.


You will figure the details to running your successful VIP Concierge Services business as you embark upon your entrepreneur journey but if you would like to check out a great way to start a concierge service visit The International Concierge And Lifestyle Management website.


I hope this post was inspiring.


Please LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE this post with anyone you think may benefit from it and it would help my blog tremendously if you do…

Until the next time….


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